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Does Anyone Have News About Bree?

I understand that Bree Newsome and her friend had a court hearing on Monday.  Were the charges against them dropped? Did the judge issue a gag order?  I can’t find any information  on what happened at the hearing. Advertisements

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The Confederate Flag Comes Down in SC

I just read that lawmakers in South Carolina have voted to remove the confederate flag from public spaces, and the bill is sure to be signed by the governor.  It’s a victory that took too long, but we can still … Continue reading

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Don’t You Dare Call Me Anti-Semitic

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again: The government of Israel is not entitled to crush the human rights of Palestinians in its pursuit of some Zionist’s dream of the perfect Israeli state. This statement does not … Continue reading

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If Evil Wants to be Forgiven

If evil wants to be forgiven, the first thing it must do is stop being evil. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading

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The Heart Breaks

Again, peaceful people are slaughtered simply because some twisted soul didn’t like the way they look. When are we going to stop allowing guns to be placed in the hands of people whose minds are so filled with the vomit … Continue reading

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Breathing While Black

Last week, I exchanged emails with a friend I worked with at the Peace Resource Center in Seaside. A spiritual man, Akin served as board member, office volunteer, and curator of the center’s art gallery. He brought in a series … Continue reading

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New Book Available

My fifth novel, Beyond the Aisles of Waln, is now available for purchase on my website .     In other words, the cubish pursuit has landed, so I can return to refining the orbish segments I most recently registered with the … Continue reading

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Wonder of wonders!

On Sept. 25 the Sacramento Bee published a brief item “U.S. to pay Navajo Nation millions to settle claims.”   The U.S. government is finally going to compensate the Navajo Nation for its mismanagement of Navajo funds and natural resources. … Continue reading

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Print on Demand mind games

Interesting.  Just saw that two used copies of my book Vaporous Night from the Translight Trilogy are for sale on Amazon at $111.80 and $118.00, one from Germany and the other from the UK.  Each of those prices is over twice … Continue reading

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Questions from the Crate: Uranium Has To Come from Somewhere

Nuclear power plants are fueled by uranium. That uranium has to come from somewhere. Fourteen years ago I clipped an Associated Press article from the Monterey County Herald. With haunting effect, journalist Deborah Hastings sketches the legacy that uranium mining … Continue reading

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